What is Satanism? InterviewwithDr Per Faxneld

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00:00:00 Intro to Dr Per Faxneld

00:02:06 What is satanism?

00:04:21 Cultural evolution of Satan, Lucifer, Devil

00:12:28 Early History of Satanism

00:18:05 Theistic and Atheistic Satanism

00:19:57 Satanism & the Left-Hand Path

00:24:17 Contemporary Forms of Satanism

00:26:35 Is Satanism linked to Christianity?

00:29:35 Difference between Lucifer, Satan and the Devil

00:32:49 Luciferian Witchcraft

00:41:31 Bonus content!

00:47:37 Outro

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Published on July 17, 2022