What is KABBALAH? Why the spelling QABALAH?withDr Elliot Cohen

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What is Kabbalah? What is Hermetic Qabalah? Why the different spellings?

Jewish esoteric tradition explained by Dr Elliot Cohen.

00:00 In this interview, Dr Elliot Cohen will tackle:

1:38 Why the different spelling Qabalah, Kabbalah and Cabala?

5:50 What are the conditions to study Kabbala?

7:04 The Story of the four Rabbis entering the Pardes

10:32 The Practical Kabbalah, Mysticism of Language and the Divine Names

13:14 The meaning Tetragrammaton?

14:53 The Power of Spoken Names and Words

15:46 Abracadabra ’I create through speech’

18:00 The Divine Spark in every person picked up by Hermetic Traditions

18:32 Kabbalistic Diagrams: The Tree of Life

21:30 ‘Master of Space and Time’ and the power-danger of Kabbalah

22:17 The Golem of Prague

23:13 Recipes on how to make a Golem

24:28 The Perception of Jews and how they are seen by outsiders

27:40 An Example of Amulet with Angels’ Names, Oats, Spirit Bindings

30:35 Angels and Astrology in Traditional Kabbalah versus Hermetic Qabalah and Ceremonial Magic

35:03 Terrifying Nature of Angels

36:42 Overlap Angels and Demons

37:55 Differences between Angels and Demons

42:49 Why has Western Esotericism been so fascinated by Kabbalah?

53:50 Conceptualisation of God

56:31 The Feminine Aspect of the Divine

58:00 Jung and the Feminine, incorporating the Anima

58:28 The Tree of Life. Meaning and Philosophy in Ceremonial Magic and Kabbalistic Tradition

1:05:12 The Jewish Meditation

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Published on May 23, 2020