Welcome to Parapsychology Foundation Online from Lisette Coly June 10th 2015

To find out more information about the Parapsychology Foundation visit the following sites:

For the history and general programs of the PF (this site and all other websites of the PF are undergoing updating at the moment as well as redesign, the Breaking News and Press Release pages and the Library pages are most up to date); https://www.parapsychology.org

For educational and archival information, the PF Blog series, the archives of the Utrecht II Conference that happened in 2008, more than 40 bibliographies in the process of being updated and the Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology also being updated: https://www.pflyceum.org.

For the Psychic Explorers Club, a social media site launched in the early 2000s well before Facebook and other sites in use today: https://www.psychicexplorers.org

For the Parapsychology Foundation estore: https://www.psi-mart.com

For Rhea White’s Exceptional Human Experiences site bequeathed to the Parapsychology Foundation (also with a planned update and redesign in the works): https://www.ehe.org

Don’t forget to search for Parapsychology Foundation and Psychic Explorers Club on Facebook as well.

Check back often! It’s a new day for the Parapsychology Foundation!

Published on June 10, 2015