Wagner Alegretti | Detecting and Understanding Bioenergy

Bioenergy (prana, chi, orgone, subtle energy or biofield) has been known for millennia but has eluded science in respect to its detection, measurement and theoretical understanding. To help cover this serious gap in the comprehension of reality and consciousness manifestation, the author designed and conducted series of experiments using fMRI and other forms of NMR focused on the research and understanding of: 1. Neurological changes of the brain during execution of bioenergy techniques and vibrational state; 2. How to detect and measure bioenergy, based on its effects over matter; and 3. Mechanism of consciousness-matter interaction via bioenergy. This paper intends to present thought-provoking experimental and laboratorial findings and their preliminary analysis, including of bioenergy transmission to different types of substances and “objects”, like a “fMRI reference phantom”, a potato, an egg, and a person’s brain. It will also discuss some of their consequences and possible uses, including the possible future development of a “bioenergy technology”. In a consilience approach, it intends to bring more support to and evidence of subtle energy, summing up to historical cases of spiritual healing and to the vast field of phenomena usually called psychic experiences. It aims also to motivate researchers to replicate and analyze his experiments.

Bio: Wagner Alegretti is an electronic engineer who has worked with electrical power generation, medical equipment and software development. He has been researching out-of-body experiences and developing means to detect life’s subtle energy and to create a bioenergy technology since the 1980’s. His most recent experiments use fMRI and other forms of nuclear magnetic resonance to detect, measure and understand bioenergy. Author of the book Retrocognitions, published in many languages, he is a co-founder of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), was its president from 2001 to 2014, and is its current scientific director. He presented at many events, including TEDx, the TSC (Tucson, USA), ICC (Miami, USA), and CSTS (Shanghai, China). He is also a founder and director of the Institute of Applied Consciousness Technologies.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Broomfield, Colorado 2019.

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Published on November 26, 2019