Unlocking Genius: Tech-Assisted Altered States | Manori Sumanasinghe & Nelson Abreu

Manori Sumanasinghe and Nelson Abreu have nearly 50 years of combined experience exploring consciousness and educating a niche of motivated individuals, interested in the intricacies of “inner reality” through non-profit consciousness and scientific anomaly academic organizations. As an architect and an electrical engineer, both with a focus on innovation, they set out to expose a wider demographic to the world of consciousness. They describe the approach as meeting people where they are, speaking to their more immediate needs, such as relief from discomfort, stress, and anxiety; tapping into their imagination and inspiration. It is hoped that by democratizing and demystifying the out-of-body experience and allied phenomena, more funding will pour into research and more people will want to deepen their practice. They will discuss how Neuma Being can reliably induce substance-free altered states and the results of a pilot of self-reports of altered states.

History is no stranger to luminaries finding their muse through dreams, hypnagogia and other altered states. “Creativity, originality and initiative” is the number-three in-demand skill predicted for 2022. 77% of professionals experienced poor sleep, stress, and burnout prior to the pandemic. Worldwide, the cost of unwell workers represents 10-15% of global economic output. Studies show that mindful altered states are associated with creativity and are able to curb depression and the ill effects of burnout, while improving overall well-being.

Meditation remains challenging for many and about 1 billion people are affected by disorders that have no medicinal relief, except psychedelic-assisted therapy (depression, PTSD, addiction, pain). Silicon Valley has made micro-dosing a trend, as well. However, substances are not for everyone or every occasion. Out-of-body experiences have been shown to reduce pain intensity by 37%. Frequent lucid dreamers have been able to solve 25% more puzzles. What if technology and a more accessible language could open up the microverse of lucid dreaming and beyond to “everyday people”.

Individuals spend thousands of dollars and months of time to learn how to achieve these mindful and heightened states of mind. This keeps millions of others from even trying. What if there was a safe, effective, and quick solution to tap into the stress-reduction power of the subconscious? It would make these benefits accessible to busy problem-solvers from creative professionals to first responders making high-stakes decisions during long shifts. What if the solution was adapted to pandemics: No-Contact, Physically-Distanced, and Hygienic?

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Published on July 24, 2023