Transcultural Shamanism, Italian Witchcraft, Strega, Stregoneria

00:00 Intro to Zoom Talk

01:58 Pronunciation of ‘Shamanism’

02:29 My PhD research

03:00 The category of Shamanism

05:43 The Birth of Western Shamanism

10:27 Trans-cultural vs Indigenous Shamanism

12:38 Ayahuasca Holidays

14:09 Fast Spirituality

17:30 Core Shamanism

19:47 Differences between Indigenous and Trans-cultural Shamanism

22:35 Science, how it affects Shamanism in the West

23:50 “Psychologising” Shamanism

25:10 Shamanism made “safe”

29:48 Shapeshifting in Shamanism

35:20 Is Shapeshifting Real?

38:22 Strega Tradition. Italian Witchcraft

45:00 Different worldviews = different experiences?

48:15 Safety in Shamanic practices

49:35 Initiation in Italian Shamanism

53:50 Mental health and Shamanic journey

59:00 Soul Retrieval for Mental health

Formed in 1995 by John and Julie Belham-Payne. The Centre For Pagan Studies was put together as a resource facility for those wishing to learn for themselves more about the ancient religions of the world. The C.F.P.S. provides accurate information in lecture form from a number of eminent speakers on a variety of Pagan and esoteric based themes. Doreen Valiente was our Patron until her passing in 1999.

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Published on July 12, 2020