The Volume Field Model | Rongwu Liu

The Volume Field Model about Strong Interaction and Weak Interaction — Duality of Pulsation and Volume Motion of Volume Field

Rongwu Liu, San Gabriel, California

It is well known that the anomalies taking place in the natural world cannot be explained by particle models, which has become the basis of modern science. This author holds that, like conventional phenomena, all anomalies of the natural world should also have common physical basis that unifies a variety of abnormal phenomena. Generally, the anomalies of the natural world include the following phenomena: strong and weak interaction, the origin of the universe, black holes, the special life phenomena of the human body (including parapsychological phenomena and paraphysiological phenomena), and UFOs. To this goal, the volume field model about strong interaction and weak interaction was proposed by the author in several conferences and journals in last three years. The volume field model can be stated as: volume field (corresponding to particle) is a form of material existence in plane space (corresponding to point space), it takes volume-change motion (or volume motion for short, corresponding to displacement motion) in the form of non-continuous motion (or pulsation, corresponding to continuous motion),

volume fields have strong interaction or weak interaction between them by overlapping their volume fields (corresponding to exchanging intermediate particles). Last talk in 2015 SSE conference, the author discussed the issues of material existence of volume field (the complex structure of atomic nucleus and living body), this talk will be given in mathematics by focusing on the kinematics of volume field. Like particle, which has duality of wave and particle, in volume field model volume field also has duality of pulsation and volume motion. In addition, as the mathematic basis of volume field model, this author will introduce the model of plane space and the model of periodic jump function at the beginning of talk.

Bio: Rongwu Liu graduated from department of physics of Qufu Normal University, China, had been a physics teacher in China. In 2016 he became a US citizen. So far, he is an independent scholar in USA. He is willing to cooperate with the institutes interested in this research direction. Contact information:

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration conference at Yale University, 2017

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Published on December 19, 2018