The Spiritual UniversewithFred Alan Wolf

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This video is a special release from the original Thinking Allowed series that ran on public television from 1986 until 2002. It was recorded in about 1996. This classic video will only remain publicly available on this channel for one week.

Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, is author of Taking the Quantum Leap, which won the National Book Award in science.  He has also written Space, Time and Beyond; StarWave; The Body Quantum; Parallel Universes; The Dreaming Universe; The Eagle’s Quest; and The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul.

Here he acknowledges that, since the days of Henry VII, science has attempted to separate itself from the world of religion and concepts of the human soul.  However, the concept of the soul is deeply embedded in Western culture.  Plato argued that the soul exists in a realm of pure ideas. Aristotle rejected Plato’s teaching and argued that the soul is a quality of matter, just as sharpness is a quality of a knife.  Wolf suggests that quantum physics offers us an opportunity to take a new look at the concept of soul and to understand it within a scientific context.

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Published on April 18, 2022


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