The Out-of-Body ExperiencewithLuis Minero

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Luis Minero is president of the International Academy of Consciousness. He is also author of Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience.

Here he describes some of the essential features of the out-of-body experience – such as the ability to see one’s own body as if one were hovering above it and looking down. He contrasts the out-of-body experience with other similar experiences including astral travel, remote viewing, and the near-death experience. He explains that he began having spontaneous experiences as a teenager; and, over time, learned to control them. He suggests that the best approach to cultivate out-of-body experiences is to treat it as a yoga-like discipline – rather than to have it induced by external stimulation such as audio recordings.

(Recorded on October 1, 2016)

Published on October 4, 2016


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