The Mind and Its BrainwithNicolas Rouleau

nicolas rouleau


brain tissue brainwaves cytostructure God Helmet John Beloff Michael Persinger microtubules ORCH OR parapsychology postmortem survival Roger Penrose Schumann resonance Sir John Eccles Stuart Hameroff Wilder Penfield

Nicolas Rouleau, PhD, a neuroscientist and bioengineer, is an assistant professor at Algoma University in Canada.

Here he suggests that there are two primary models concerning the relationship between brain and mind. The standard “production” model assumes that consciousness is produced by the neural activity of the brain. The “transmission” model suggests that consciousness is transmitted to the brain. As a student of the late Michael Persinger, of Laurentian University, he favors models of mind-brain interaction that can account for paranormal experience.

(Recorded on December 4, 2021)

Published on December 31, 2021