The Human Potential Movement & the Esalen InstitutewithMatthew Ingram

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dana sawyer aldous huxley and self-realization jeffrey kripal esalen frederic spiegelberg living religions of the world ramana maharshi who am i? frederic spiegelberg alchemy as a way of salvation gestalt biography the life and practice of richard price thomas szasz antipsychiatry g jung psychological reflections robert boyers r. d. laing and anti-psychiatry christina stanislav grof the stormy search for self lee sannella the kundalini experience stanislav grof healing our deepest wounds stanislav grof lsd: doorway to the numinous stanislav grof psychology of the future abraham maslow toward a psychology of being frederick perls gestalt therapy verbatim theodore roszak the making of a counter culture wilhelm reich the function of the orgasm ida p rolf rolfing bernard gunther sense relaxation william schutz joy walter truett anderson the upstart spring christopher lasch the culture of narcissism sam keen what to do when you're bored and blue john lilly the deep self stanislav grof the way of the psychonaut christina stan grof holotropic breathwork leonard orr rebirthing in the new age george leonard education and ecstasy daniel goleman emotional intelligence alfred adler the education of children michael murphy the future of the body michael murphy golf in the kingdom michael murphy rhea white the psychic side of sports sri aurobindo the life divine frederic spiegelberg the integral philosophy of sri aurobindo

Matthew Ingram is known for throwing raves in West Africa in 1993, writing for Teletubbies, his cult music blog Woebot, writing for the Wire and FACT magazines, setting up the Dissensus forum and putting out a series of LPs. His “Vitamin C” animated documentary was shown at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. He is author of Retreat: How the Counterculture Invented Wellness. His website is

Here the discussion focuses on the Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, California, as an important hub of the human potential movement that began in the 1960s and continues to the present day. Topics include gestalt therapy, holotropic breathing, kundalini and the Spiritual Emergence Network, sensory isolation, rebirthing, encounter groups, Rolfing and body work, as well as explorations of physics and consciousness.

(Recorded on November 2, 2020.)

Published on November 18, 2020


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