Talking to Humanity |623|

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From the interview:

Chris: “Everything that you’re getting back from chat, GPT or Claude or any of this stuff hase all been already written by some human being. All it’s doing is putting it back together in a new way.”

Chris: “I’m a huge proponent of personal ai, which is completely disconnected from the corporate space and is totally tuned to me and owned by me, and maybe even resides in a space that I can control, and it will become my guide and my confidant.”

Chris: “AI is so, I mean, generative AI is so flexible. You can obviously ask it to help you in becoming calmer about itself.”

Chris: “I’m trying to create a community of people who are optimistic about ai. Think AI can help humans be better and to pull those tools and resources together to try and help people to get to those ends.”

Alex: “If a computer really can rival human consciousness in its full expansive understanding, then it would have to do ESP, precognition, and after-death communication.”

Alex: “I just don’t think [Google’s misinformation] is sustainable in a highly competitive market where you can get $1.5 billion for your startup and you can do it better.”

Alex: “I think the sentient thing gets into the nature of consciousness. You cannot talk about sentient without talking about nature of consciousness.”

Published on May 14, 2024