Suppressing Cancer Cell Growth through Subtle Energy | Yury Kronn

Suppressing Cancer Cell Growth with Technologically Developed Subtle Energy Patterns

by Boris Minev, Yury Kronn (speaker), & Mouad Edderkaoui

We are presenting the results of experiments conducted in the UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center (hereafter referred to as CCSD) and in the UCLA/VA Pancreatic Research Lab (PR Lab). In both labs, experiments were conducted in vitro, comparing the growth of cancer cells in standard growth media and in the same media infused with subtle energy patterns developed using Vital Force Technology. Both labs were treated twice a day by spraying water infused with the energy pattern “Clean Sweep” to ensure an energetically clean environment.

The ratio of dead cells to live cells was determined utilizing DNA-labeling dyes and Flow Cytometry analysis. Experiments at the PR Lab showed necrosis cell death of pancreatic cancer cells doubled over a two-week period from 9% in the control to 18% in the energy-infused media. When cancer cells were treated with the VFT energy pattern in addition to the anti-cancer drug Gemcitabine, the increase in cell death went from 15% in the control to 36% in the energy-infused media.

Another pilot experiment was conducted in the PR Lab on mice with cancer. The mice were injected with a saline solution infused with the same VFT energetic pattern that was used for the in vitro experiment. After three weeks the total tumor volume in the treated mice was 57% less than the total tumor volume of the control group. The number of tumors per mouse was decreased by 32%.

Experiments in the CCSD lab were conducted using the Breast Cancer cell line MDA231 and the Acute Monocytic Leukemia cell line THP-1 growing in standard media RPMI-1640. After 14 days the control had 9 million cancer cells while the cells grown in the subtle energy–infused media had a total of 500,000 cells—18 times less than in the control, and 60% of these cells were dead. Therefore, less than 3% of the cancer cells were alive in the energy-infused media in comparison with the control.

These results suggest an intriguing opportunity to develop a cancer suppression treatment using subtle energy infused media. It can be done either by designing additives to existing and future anti-cancer medicine or as a component in cancer prevention and supplements.

Recorded at the 31st annual SSE Conference in 2012 at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 14, 2018