Spiritual Awakening in the High Middle AgeswithBetty Kovács

betty kovacs


Albigensian Crusade Baba Yaga Cathars cathedrals Chartres church dark age Dionysius the Areopagite divine feminine Holy Grail Parzival

Betty J. Kovács, PhD, taught symbolic/mythic language for twenty-five years. She has served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Jung Society of Claremont, California, and sits on the Academic Advisory Board of Forever Family Foundation. Dr. Kovacs is author of Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing the World, winner of The Scientific and Medical Network 2019 Book Prize and a Nautilus Silver Award. She has also written The Miracle of Death: There Is Nothing But Life. Her website is www.kamlak.com.

Here she points out that the High Middle Ages, starting around 1000 AD, represented an awakening from the Dark Ages when Europe was dominated by the repressive policies of the Church. Stories of the Holy Grail inspired Europeans with a new sense of reverence for the feminine and a quest for the spiritual. Building the great cathedrals, full of esoteric symbolism, became the major economic activity of the era.

(Recorded on January 10, 2021)

Keith Critchlow, Chartres Cathedral: A Sacred Geometry (video) – https://amzn.to/3bUgaaV

Published on January 29, 2021