Speculation Unchained | Jerry Shifman

We take as a given that the entire universe is made of a single omnipresent meta-substance, the ether, a hydrodynamic fluid that manifests equally well as empty space, protons, planets, tables, chairs, lecture halls, and humans. It is perpetually flowing down into certain points and disappearing. We call this inflowing process “mass”. And on the way down, it momentarily forms all mundane phenomena.

Starting with this premise we see that the etheric situation that we all experience on the surface of the earth is a complex matrix — the vector sum of the effects of all nearby massive bodies calculated as if each one was acting alone. From this viewpoint it is clear that everything is literally connected in a direct mechanical way. This realization leads to interesting insights into such disparate phenomena as astrology and healing by laying on of hands.

B.E.E. RPI 1959. Worked as an electronics design engineer and engineering manager. Retired 1994. Living in Portland, Oregon, with one cat, one dog, three chickens, and one wife. I pursued a successful engineering career, but it was the riddle of gravity that fascinated me. After preliminary study in the 1970s, in 1985 I coined the term “Neoetherics” for my theory and wrote “Neoetherics — Visualizing Gravity.”

Recorded at the 34th annual SSE Conference in 2015 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville hotel.

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Published on November 20, 2018