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Jürgen Kremer is author of the textbook Psychology in Diversity, Diversity in

Psychology – An Integrative Psychology for the 21st Century. He is coauthor of Ethnoautobiography. He has been an executive editor for ReVision: Journal of Consciousness and Transformation) since 1994. He teaches psychology at Santa Rose Jr. College in California. His email is

Here he distinguishes between “shamanic practitioners” such as himself and authentic shamans who work within very specific cultural traditions and are acknowledged as such by their community. As a psychologist, he incorporates drumming, chanting, and other trance and animistic practices, from various cultures, into his work and personal life. He points out that we all have shamanistic cultures in our ancestry if we go back far enough. This recognition can help us achieve greater balance in life.

(Recorded on February 12, 2021)


Published on March 1, 2021


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