Search for Astronomical Anomalies Suspected to be Extraterrestrial Technosignatures

In the introductory part, several known astronomical anomalies are mentioned, where observations apparently contradict the canonic theory of stellar evolu-tion (SN 1987A), where some of the same kind of observed phenomena (GRB and FRB) cannot be easily explained as a high-energy stellar event of astrophysical nature, and where prosaic astrophysical explanations for highly variable stellar objects with a thick surrounding envelope are not completely convincing (Kic 8462852). The subsequent part of the presentation will be focused on what we would expect to observe from possible techno-signatures produced by Type II Kardashev extraterrestrial civilizations. The discussion will be concentrated on three main aspects: a) the search for G-type stars with a strong infrared excess; b) the search for exoplanets, using the photometric occultation technique (Kepler), that show anomalous light curves; c) the search for infrared and radio-emitting objects characterized by a very strong proper motion. This search is proposed to be the main selective protocol to be used as a “viewfinder” for re-observing the objects using standard SETI methods (radio and optical) in order to search for possible intelligent signals. A proposal of observation using the James Webb Space Telescope and other ground and space optical, infrared and radio telescopes, both photometrically and spectroscopically, is strongly advocated.

Bio: Massimo Teodorani (PhD., Bologna University) is an astrophysicist from North Italy. His Ph.D. in Astronomy from Bologna University is with a specialization in stellar physics. He has been carrying out research on eruptive phenomena in astrophysics, such as supernovas, novas, high-mass close binary stars with neutron star component, black hole candidate binary star systems, strongly eruptive protostars (FU Orionis type), and cataclysmic and pre-cataclysmic stars. He is an expert in photometric and spectroscopic observational techniques. He has been working as a researcher at the INAF Naples Astronomical Observatory and at the INAF Radioastronomic Observatory in Medicina (Bologna). Being experienced both in optical and radio astronomy, in a subsequent phase Dr. Teodorani carried out research on extrasolar planets (search for 22 GHz water MASER line in 57 stellar candidates) and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). He is presently a research affiliate of The Galileo Project (Harvard University). Recently Dr. Teodorani taught physics at the Bologna University, and he is a well-known science divulger in Italy about subjects such as astrophysics, quantum physics and anomalistics.

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Published on February 19, 2024