Riane Eisler: Recreating Our Past, Recreating Our Future – Thinking Allowed DVD w/ J. Mishlove

NOTE: This is an excerpt from the full 90-minute DVD.

At the dawn of modern civilization, says Riane Eisler, humanity shifted from a partnership model of social interaction to a dominator model. In a partnership model men and women treat each other as equals. Ms. Eisler details the archeological findings suggesting that neolithic and Cretan societies had a significantly different social organization from that of modern times. Fertility goddesses were the major objects of religious worship, suggesting a reverence for the creative principle of nature. Cities were unfortified and yet survived peaceably for thousands of years.

As the civilizations of the fertile crescent arose, warfare and male domination became established social institutions. Since that time they have been such an integral part of our culture that we rarely imagine things could be otherwise.

Riane Eisler’s book, The Chalice and the Blade, has been described by anthropologist Ashley Montague as “the most important book since Darwin’s Origin of Species.” Ms. Eisler is an attorney and legal scholar.

Published on August 22, 2010