Report of Firsthand Out of Body experiences | Julia Sellers

Report of Firsthand Out of Body experiences

Julia Sellers

This paper presents the case for studying out of body experiences based on first hand experience. It was written from the perspective of experiencers (myself and my husband). During our numerous accounts of different types, intensities, states and rates of out of body experiences, we were able to observe, explore as well as research the main traits and characteristics of the expanded consciousness. The paper summarizes results of our subjective experience of out of body states. It introduces a new approach of researching out of body experiences based on direct know how, mastery and first hand observation by experiencers themselves.

The paper focuses on description of out of body experiences mainly of my husband Michael, who has been having spontaneous out of body experiences (while fully awake) since birth and has experienced the so called conscious birth. The paper presents a portion of a fascinating true story of a man (Michael) living outside his body for over 40 years. It includes authentic extra corporeal experiences of the protagonist, who remembers his birth and his death. Michael also remembers the whole prenatal stage, having been in his mother’s uterus as developing embryo, and the exact instance his vibratory oscillating quantum of light energy (aka Soul/Spirit body) entered his mother’s uterus and into the fetus (which later became his future physical body). Michael is different from others in that that he literally lives his life outside his body, and is able to leave the physical body (without the help of artificial induction) to travel interdimensionally, while staying fully aware.

Over the last 20 years I have been compiling characteristics (typology) of out of body experiences as featured in my paper. This comprehensive report is solely based on my own out of body experiences (have experienced my first OBE in 1995), observation of out of body states

of my husband who is an experiencer since birth and has been undergoing significant OBEs for the last 40+ years and testimonies of private clients of mine who themselves are experiencers as well as participants of the lectures, speeches, and workshops on OBEs, I have been conducting in Europe. Special attention in the paper is given to the fact that out of body experiences were identified as one of the main experiences pertaining to encounters with NHI (non human intelligence) as recently pointed out by excellent research carried out by the FREE foundation. To sump up, the paper offers a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the nature of mainly spontaneous (versus artificially induced) out of body experiences as experienced by Michael and me.

Paper describes in extraordinary detail how out of body state is perceived from the perspective of its connection to the 5 traditional human senses and how the heightened intensity of the traditional senses as well as nontraditional senses such as direct inner vibrational cognition or molecular transformation operate in the etherical body during the out of body state including the multidimensional perspective. Information contained in this work both on personal as well as general level is conducive on many different perspectives including the true nature of human awareness as well as human consciousness operation under its expanded mode outside the boundaries of the body. Furthermore, the paper argues that out of body experience does not require special conditions such as sleep, near death experience, extreme physical effort, or induction (mental, mechanical or chemical) to occur. Rejection of subjective experience is quite strong in mainstream science. Therefore examining the insights of subjective experience will greatly contribute to strengthening of holistic approach both in the OBEs as well as the consciousness study in general.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration conference at Yale University, 2017.

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Published on December 20, 2018