Quantum Theory and ParapsychologywithEdwin C. May

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edwin may anomalous cognition edwin may anomalous cognition: remote viewing research and theory edwin may the star gate archives, vol. 1

Edwin C. May, PhD, was involved in the military intelligence psychic spying program, popularly referred to as Stargate, for over twenty years. During the last decade, he was the director of research for that program. In this context, he produced over a hundred scientific publications. His academic training was in experimental nuclear physics. He is coauthor of ESP Wars: East and West and also Anomalous Cognition: Remote Viewing Research and Theory. He is the coeditor of a two volume anthology titled Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism, and Science.

Here he suggests that those who wish to explain consciousness by invoking quantum mechanics are probably on the wrong track. Excerpt for wave-particle duality, he believes that quantum theory is well understood. Quantum entanglement within the brain cannot account for consciousness due to the problem of environmental decoherence. He describes himself as a physicalist who believes that psi phenomena will eventually be explained in terms of conventional neurophysiology and physics. However, he acknowledges that some very intelligent theorists disagree with him – although they are in the minority of scientists.

(Recorded on June 17, 2016)

Published on December 23, 2016


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