Q&A – Kenneth Anger –withProf Judith Noble

I am delighted to host Prof. Judith, an expert on the transformative intersections of art and esotericism. Our conversation orbits around the enigmatic and evocative works of Kenneth Anger, an avant-garde filmmaker whose oeuvre plunges into the depths of magical practice and occult symbolism.

Kenneth Anger, a central figure in both underground cinema and modern esotericism, has mesmerised audiences with films like “Lucifer Rising” and “Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome.” His work melds ritualistic elements with visual storytelling, offering an innovative exploration of how art can serve as a conduit for magical intent.

About our guest

Judith Noble is Professor of Film and the Occult at Arts University Plymouth (UK). She began her career as an artist filmmaker, exhibiting work internationally and worked for over twenty years as a production executive in the film industry, working with directors including Peter Greenaway and Amma Asante. Her current research centres on artists’ moving image, Surrealism, the occult and work by women artists, and she has published on filmmakers including Maya Deren, Derek Jarman and Kenneth Anger. Her most recent publication (as editor) is The Dance of Moon and Sun – Ithell Colquhoun, British Women and Surrealism (2023, Fulgur). She continues to practice as an artist and filmmaker; her most recent film is Fire Spells (2022), a collaboration with director Tom Chick. Her recent work can be found at www.iseu.space. Her film work is distributed by Cinenova.


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00:00:00 Introduction: Support Angela’s Symposium

00:02:00 Introducing Prof Judith Noble

00:03:39 Kenneth Anger: a historical overview

00:07:37 What makes Kenneth Anger unique?

00:12:59 The film Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome

00:17:31 The film Scorpio Rising

00:19:56 Magic Rituals in Anger’s films

00:23:07 LSD used in film screening

00:27:30 Kenneth Anger and Thelema & Crowley

00:34:42 Why Anger is popular among magick practitioners

00:39:10 Is watching Anger’s films dangerous?

00:42:41 Anger’s lack of popularity in Southern Europe

00:42:47 Jodorowsky’s work compared to Anger’s

00:48:26 The film Eaux d’artifice made in Italy

00:49:43 Audience Questions: Audience impact – subliminal images

00:56:38 Was he influenced by Austin Osman Spare?

01:00:30 Demarcating the actor from the magickal practitioner

01:02:26 The Wizard of Oz and Liber Oz in Anger’s work

01:06:47 Where to find Kenneth Anger films

01:10:00 Farewell and Support Angela’s Symposium

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Published on October 23, 2023