Psychokinesis (PK)withLoyd Auerbach

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Loyd Auerbach, MS, received his masters’ degree in parapsychology from John F. Kennedy University. He is author of Mind Over Matter; ESP, Hauntings, and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist’s Handbook; Reincarnation, Channeling, and Possession; Psychic Dreaming; A Paranormal Casebook; and Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal. He is co-author (with Ed May, Joseph McMoneagle, and Victor Rubel) of ESP Wars: East and West. He is the Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Rhine Research Center.

Here he suggests that the principles of sports psychology also apply to the cultivation of psychokinesis. He maintains that we ultimately use PK to control our own bodies. The wide-ranging discussion that follows covers spoon-bending, poltergeists, martial arts, magical illusions, seances, as well as apports and disappearances. Considerable emphasis is placed on overcoming the psychological resistance to either witnessing or practicing psychokinesis.

(Recorded on April 11, 2019)

Published on April 14, 2019


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