Psi and Robots | Robert Jahn

Random Robot Redux: Replications and Reflections

R.G. Jahn*, E.B. Fassassi, J.C. Valentino, and E.S. Hoeger

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research and International Consciousness Research Laboratories

A previous program of human/machine anomalies experiments utilizing a randomly driven mechanical robot has been extended with a sequence of new trials specifically addressing particular physical and subjective correlates. Despite the modest size of this database, acquired under less than ideal laboratory conditions, the absolute and statistical scales of the anomalous effects well exceed those typical of experiments of this class. Beyond gross replication of the earlier results, the new data display structural aspects that offer additional insights into the fundamental nature of such mind/matter phenomena in general, and suggest potential pragmatic applications in various technical practices. Details of the results and their interpretations will be included in the presentation.

Recorded at the 27th annual SSE Conference in 2008 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 13, 2018