Problems of the Standard Model in Cosmology

Cosmological observations find explanations within the standard Lambda-CDM model, although many times after a number of ad hoc corrections. Nevertheless, the expression “crisis in cosmology” stubbornly reverberates in the scientific literature: the higher the precision with which the standard cosmological model tries to fit the data, the greater the number of tensions that arise. Moreover, there are alternative explanations for most of the observations.

Prof. Pavel Kroupa will show in his presentation some anomalies on galactic to Gpc scales (large-scale structure) including some examples of 5-sigma tensions and some mention of MOND as an alternative to standard gravity and dark matter. Here I complement the range of anomalies in cosmology with further cases on CMBR, nucleosynthesis, tests of expansion, charge-parity violation, inflation and other topics. The general conclusion is that cosmological hypotheses should be very cautiously proposed and even more cautiously received.

Bio: Martín López Corredoira received a PhD in Physics at the Univeristy La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain) in 1997 and a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Seville (Spain) in 2003. Since 2011, he has been a is permanent staff researcher at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). He is author of around a hundred papers on galaxies and cosmology in international refereed scientific journals, half of them as first author; and more than 50 articles on philosophy and humanities or social topics. He is the main editor of Against the Tide: A Critical Review by Scientists of How Physics and Astronomy Get Done (2008, Universal Publishers); author of The Twilight of the Scientific Age (2013, BrownWalker Press); author of Fundamental Ideas in Cosmology. Scientific, philosophical and sociological critical perspectives (2022, IoP Publishing), and the main editor of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and the Threat to Academic Freedom (2022, Imprint Academic).

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Published on February 19, 2024