Postmortem Survival and Analytical IdealismwithBernardo Kastrup

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bernardo kastrup more than allegory: on religious myth, truth, and belief bernardo kastrup rationalist spirituality bernardo kastrup meaning in absurdity: what bizarre phenomena can tell us about the nature of reality bernardo kastrup brief peeks beyond: critical essays on metaphysics, neuroscience, free will, skepticism, and culture bernardo kastrup why materialism is baloney bernardo kastrup dreamed up reality: diving into the mind to uncover the astonishing hidden tale of nature bernardo kastrup the idea of the world: a multi-disciplinary argument for the mental nature of reality

Bernardo Kastrup, PhD, is a computer scientist, who has recently completed a second doctoral degree in philosophy. He is author of Rationalist Spirituality, Why Materialism is Baloney, Dreamed Up Reality, Meaning in Absurdity, Brief Peeks Beyond, More Than Allegory, The Idea of the World, and Decoding Schopenhauer’s Metaphysics. His latest book is Decoding Jung’s Metaphysics: The Archetypal Semantics of an Experiential Universe. He has published several papers on Scientific American’s website arguing for metaphysical idealism. His website is

Bernardo has launched a new organization, #EssentiaFoundation, and has produced some wonderful short videos that can be viewed at and

Here he addresses a series of questions related to the possibilities for different versions of postmortem survival (i.e., reincarnation, possession, mediumistic communication, etc.) in the light of metaphysical idealism. He notes that, in all cases, he expects that the mental contents of personal consciousness will remain as part of an impersonal universal mind โ€“ i.e., the one mind that sees through the eyes of all creatures. With regard to the findings of psychical research and spiritualism, his attitude โ€“ while open-minded โ€“ was one of uncertainty and doubt concerning the quality of the purported evidence.

(Recorded on March 15, 2021)

Bernardo Kastrup, Decoding Jung’s Metaphysics: The Archetypal Semantics of an Experiential Universe.

Published on April 2, 2021


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