Physical Origins of the Consciousness Revolution | James E. Beichler

Physical Origins of the Consciousness Revolution

James E. Beichler

Despite all the assumed and presumed fundamental differences between relativity and quantum theory, it is possible to unify them into a single physical model of reality. Both theories are incomplete at present and have fundamental problems, but they can be simply unified once they are presented in their complete and corrected forms. General relativity is incomplete for not accounting for point-elements. Riemannian geometry is based solely on metric-elements of spatial extension, while quantum theory has been completely misrepresented since 1927. So, while relativity theory is based only upon a metric geometry of extensions, scientists have advanced quantum theory believing that it is either a non-geometric point-particle/field theory or a theory of discrete point events occurring against the background of an unspecified quantum point/absolute geometry.

Once these two elements are understood, point and extension, it becomes evident that Riemannian geometry is based upon a 0-D point/twist Void which is equivalent to a discrete quantum point. This fact allows for an interpretation of the Big Bang model from which general relativity predicts our universe emerged from an individual singularity in the absolute Void. The Big Bang and the subsequent cosmic inflation from which our present universe emerged can be logically remodeled to show that both a single (unified) field of potential, which is the precursor to all our material reality, and a semi-physical pre-consciousness field of potential were simultaneously produced by the event that ended cosmic inflation to produce our present universe.

The pre-consciousness field ‘force’ the eventual evolution of life (biofield), mind and consciousness within our universe. To manifest the influence of the pre-consciousness field on material reality, a new form of top-down evolution based on thermodynamics as opposed to the older Darwinian and genetic bottom-up form of evolution is proposed. The older forms of evolution are neither discredited nor discarded, but rather completed and supplemented by the new top-down evolution. Top-down evolution proceeds from mind and/or consciousness to the genome where it influences future generations of living organisms and thereby clarifies many of the mysteries and problems that are inherent in modern bottom-up evolution theory. This model of evolution strongly implies that a new leap in human evolution is overdue and that a new human species will emerge. This evolutionary leap will accompany the coming revolution in science.

Bio: Professor Beichler has been teaching Physics, Mathematics, the History and Philosophy of Science and European History as well as other related subjects at the university and college level for more than three decades. He now categorizes all his research as falling within a new field of physics called “neurocosmology”. He has written and published several books as well as more than seventy articles on these and related subjects. He has also opened a webpage featuring all his earlier publications and presentations at ‘’ and nearly all his written work is available for browsing and downloading at

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration conference at Yale University, 2017

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Published on December 18, 2018