PF Lyceum Forum on Physical Mediumship Opening Session

The first live session of a month-long course on the PF Lyceum Academy on oriented the attendees to the events of the month which included two private discussion forums, and four presentations on physical mediumship. With comments by Lisette Coly, President of the Parapsychology Foundation (the comments are listed below because of audio problems in the session), and moderated by Dr Nancy L Zingrone, PF Research Fellow.

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Lisette Coly’s Welcoming Remarks

Hello Everyone…

It gives me great pleasure and pride to welcome you all to PF’s first online Lyceum Forum…this time around dedicated to Physical Mediumship. As for the photo of me with my maternal Grandmother, Eileen Garrett, in my lap…she is quite a talisman which makes me very happy and I feel sure that she is indeed around watching over our goings on. I would urge you to consider what other topics are on your wish list for future Forums that we consider bringing to you. Send your suggestions to Nancy, Carlos or me.

The speakers we have amassed for today and next Saturday are very much on top of their game—very able to speak to the topic at hand. They have long been true friends of Parapsychology Foundation and as colleagues have participated in our Perspective Lectures, conferences and publications. We thank them and also thank our Moderator, Dr. Nancy Zingrone and Dr. Carlos Alvarado without whose expertise I would be hard put to bring these events to you.

hysical Mediumship is a very complex subject. Most of the public and academicians are more comfortable perhaps with the concept of mental mediumship. Garrett herself was a mental medium although early in her career she experienced psychokinetic episodes and the beginnings of physical mediumship. She was however instructed by her mentor Hewat Mackenzie to focus on mental mediumship rather than spread her psychic gifts too thin. She however remained very curious about the phenomenon and a couple of years of ago, along with Dr. Pilkington, our speaker later today, I had the opportunity to attend a physical medium séance with Kai Muegge of the Felix Experimental Group which I believe Dr. Braude will discuss next week…I am still trying to figure out just what the hell I experienced so I am very eager to get on with the presentations. So without further ado I will hand you over to our moderator, Dr. Nancy Zingrone.


Published on November 7, 2017