PF Book Expo April 2016 Patricia Pearson

The third presentation in the Parapsychology Foundation’s Spring Book Expo 2016 was award-winning Canadian author Patricia Pearson on her book “Opening Heaven’s Door: What the Dying are Trying to Say about Where They are Going.” Patricia’s book is the culmination of a research project into near death awareness experiences inspired by the experiences of her sister’s untimely death of an aggressive form of cancer. As she worked to process the experiences of her sister while dying and of experiences the family had surrounding her father’s death as well, in her usual thorough style, Patricia investigated the experiences of others, the understanding of such experiences in psychical research and parapsychology. The result is a fascinating story of not only her own coming-to-grips with near death awareness, but of the scientific interest of this experiences from the 19th century to today.

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Published on March 23, 2017