PF Book Expo April 2016 Opening Comments

Parapsychology Foundation Book Expo was held on April 23rd and 24th, 2016 on Five authors joined us to talk about their recent books, Dr. James C. Carpenter, Dr. Zofia Weaver, Patricia Pearson, Dr. Stephen E. Braude, and Callum E. Cooper.

For more information on these individuals and their books click on the links below:

First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life, by Dr. James C. Carpenter, available from

Other Realities: The Enigma of Franek Kluski’s Mediumship by Dr. Zofia Weaver:

Opening Heaven’s Door: What the Dying are Trying to Say about Where They are Going, by Patricia Pearson:

Crimes of Reason: On Mind, Nature and the Paranormal by Dr. Stephen E. Braude:

Telephone Calls from the Dead by Callum E. Cooper:

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Published on September 17, 2016