Parapsychology in Brazil by Fátima Machado and Wellington Zangari

Parapsychology Foundation International Affiliates Dr. Fátima Regina Machado and Dr. Wellington Zangari present “Parapsychology in Brazil: The History from the 1970s Until Today”. This presentation focuses the developments of parapsychology in Brazil (social and organizational developments, scientific work, scholarly work) from the 1970s to today. However, previous history is briefly reviewed in order to understand the Brazilian context and why some disputes and conquests were so relevant, and also in order to understand some advances and changes in the Brazilian scenario of psi research. Finally, current efforts and plans of action as well as perspectives for parapsychology in Brazil are presented.

Fátima Regina Machado, PhD, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the psychology of religion at the Sciences of Religion Program at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Wellington Zangari, PhD, is Professor of the Social Psychology of Religion at the University of São Paulo. Nancy L. Zingrone, PhD, moderates.

Published on May 24, 2016