Paranormal Experiences in PsychotherapywithPaul J. Leslie

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Paul J. Leslie, EdD, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Aiken, South Carolina. He is professor of psychology at Aiken College. He is author of The Art of Creating a Magical Session: Key Elements for Transformative Psychotherapy, Low Country Shamanism: An Exploration of the Magical and Healing Practices of the Coastal Carolinas and Georgia, Potential Not Pathology: Helping Your Clients Transform Using Ericksonian Psychotherapy, and Shadows in the Session: The Presence of the Anomalous in Psychotherapy.

Here he describes the difficulty felt by many psychotherapists and their clients in engaging in conversations regarding paranormal experiences. Much of this is due to the fact that such experiences are also considered a symptom of psychosis and may require medication. The problem is pronounced when therapists have their own paranormal experiences within a therapy session. He shares one such extraordinary experience of his own; and reports on accounts presented by other therapists.

(Recorded on December 17, 2019)

Published on December 27, 2019


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