Our Mind is Formed Outside of Our Body | Olga Strashun

Our Mind is Formed Outside of Our Body

Olga Strashun

Our interest today is our Chakras, which I call Energy Centers. It is a very intriguing, complex system; nobody knows how it works. I’m not able to explain it too. I’m neither a physicist nor a scientist; I’m a practitioner trying to figure out how we can use information coded in this system for our benefit, because the awareness of these structures gives us tools for a better understanding of our place in the world, how our mind works, understanding of ourselves and others.

On top of the five senses, we possess another system for accessing information which consists of seven Energy Centers that look like ice cream cones with tips inside the Energy highway along the spine, penetrating our body and passing into the Energy Field. The parameters of the cones’ diameters on a skin level, and how far into the EF each of them go, carry important information.

Each Center functions as a receiver and a transmitter. We are surrounded by the ocean of vibrations. As a receiver, each Center is tuned into a specific range of vibrations. The clearer the reception of signals, the more accurate information our brain will get. The accuracy depends on how well the receiver is developed, which is reflected in its diameter. The quality of information is somehow shaping our response to it, forming our nature. As transmitters, they send information about us into the world of Subtle Energy.

I believe that Centers carry a “genetic” code of who we were at the end of our previous life. We start our new journey with abilities, liabilities, and predispositions coded in our Centers.

This system doesn’t have a direct connection with organs or endocrine glands geographically related to them (this is why Chinese medicine doesn’t mention Chakras).

We will talk about what each Center is responsible for developing in us.

Energy Centers could be looked at as a blueprint for the way in which we turn as human beings.

We can train ourselves to analyze Energy Centers. I call it Subtle Energy Profiling. It shows, like no other method, the personality traits of people even without knowing them.

At the lab, I participated in experiments using holograms of patients’ organs in the evaluation of their health, without talking to them. What was even a heresy to think about, proved working. I became fascinated with holographic methods. Coming to Canada, I started to look for ways to make the lives of clients balanced and more fulfilling. I needed to understand people better. Energy Centers carried answers to my questions, and I started my research on them, using holographic methods that helped to understand how different levels of Centers development correlated with differences in personality traits.

The evaluation of Energy Centers as structures where our mind is formed, is the model that I’m using successfully in my practice of Wellness Counselling and daily life for over 20 years.

Dr. Olga Strashun is a co-founder of the Strashun Institute, Subtle Energy researcher, practitioner, author of the book Subtle Energy: Information to Enhance, Guide, and Heal, presenter, teacher, the owner of the Wellness Counselling practice for over 30 years.She was a MD with specialization in urgent internal medicine and DAC[AV1]  in Russia when she started her training at the Subtle Energy laboratory founded by the USSR Ministry of Space, with research on how and where to use that type of energy. In 1989, Dr. Strashun immigrated to Canada with her family where she continues her investigation in this field.

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Published on February 14, 2024