Non-Local Distant Interactions Between Biological Systems | Glen Rein

Non-Local Distant Interactions Between Biological Systems

Glen Rein

Anomalous non-local interactions between biological systems cannot be explained by any existing scientific traditional paradigm. New experimental data clearly indicate that bio-information can be transferred (via coherent light) between two biological systems.

Experimental evidence is now available demonstrating the macroscopic quantum properties of biological systems including coherent excitations, quantum coherence, quantum tunneling and single-photon phenomenon. Non-local interactions between humans has been demonstrated clinically using intercessory prayer and healing at a distance. At the cellular level, new data indicates that light can carry bio-information between cellular systems. Garieaev demonstrated that a laser, passed through a salamander embryo, could carry genetic bio-information and deliver it to a frog embryo. DNA in the frog embryo could decode this information and use it to mature into a salamander. Around the same time, the author did a similar experiment, except used a chemical drug as the source of information. In these experiments, a laser was passed over powdered MAO inhibitor and projected onto nerve cells in tissue culture. Although the unmodulated laser had no effect on MAO enzyme activity when measured in the treated cells, a modulated laser did in fact alter the enzyme activity. However, the net effect was not to inhibit the enzyme, but to increase its activity. Thus the information carried by the laser did not duplicate the drug, but produced the opposite, homeopathic effect on the enzyme. More recently Sargsyan extended both of these studies using a Bioscope device which utilizes light reflected at a glass surface with a black paper backing. When a biological system is placed l5 mm away from the far side of the reflecting surface, bio-information is transferred and carried by the light. Using a photodiode to measuring the fluctuations in the intensity of the modulated light, Sargsyan obtained frequency information about the original biological system. The results suggest the presence of a quantum holographic energy/information system, which underlies/permeates all matter.

These anomalous results can be readily explained if we consider distant communication between two biological systems as a coherent interaction between two quantum systems. Accordingly, several theoretical models have been proposed based on the quantum properties of biological systems. These involve quantum entangelment, quantum superposition and the spontaneous collapse of the wave function. It is proposed here, that quantum fields are emitted and detected by each quantum system which carry and transfer quantum information between biological systems.

Glen Rein has a PhD in biochemistry, was an Assistant Professor at Mt. Sinai Med School & didproduct development in a Fortune 500 Company for 14 years. Currently doing contract and original biomedical/biophysics research under Quandum Biology Res Lab.

Recorded at the 30th annual SSE Conference in 2011 at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 13, 2018