New Subtle Energy AssociatedwithCreation, the Torus, and the Plasma State of Matter | Jerry Gin

Introduction: Nikola Tesla is well known for his statement, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” Through synchronicity, the answer to that question came to me. The answer is related to the basic structure for the creation of matter, the torus. Through testing, resonance with the energy of centering and harmony is embedded in the torus structure. The energy is within the numbers of 3, 6, and 9. The same energy is also within the key symbols associated with creation: the Sanskrit Aum, the Chinese Bagua, the yin yang symbol, the Reiki power symbol, and Marko Rodin’s torus as represented mathematically within his Vortex Math. The BioGeometry BG3 quality is embedded in the symbols, but the energy is not BG3 but a new energy which can be detected by a new tool in resonance with the 3-6-9 subtle energy.

In the field of plasma physics, there are monatomic elements, often known as Ormus and GANS (Gas in the Nano State), and the fourth state of matter. To date, there has been no good way to detect these elements. The tools used to measure 3-6-9 subtle energy qualities will detect and measure the energies of these monatomic elements. GANS has the qualities/properties of the torus structure. Different geometric patterns of GANS will also create fields that have BG3 and 3-6-9 subtle energy qualities. These energy qualities can be moved with conscious intention. The movement can be measured. The moved energies can be shown to activate water.

Understanding the energies and our abilities to work and change them gives us more information as to who we are and how we are all connected.

Methods: The tools to measure resonance from the fields of BioGeometry and Radiesthesia were used to detect and quantitate subtle energies qualities. The BG16 tool from BioGeometry was used to detect and measure BG3 (BioGeometry 3). A new tool will be described which detects and measures the 3-6-9 subtle energy qualities. The BG3 Ruler was used to quantitate energies. The GANS/ormus, was prepared by adjusting pH of a solution of Dead Sea Salt. Vials of Ormus were used to create BG3 and 3-6-9 fields. The torus and creation symbols were drawn using the knowledge of spiral motion in the vortex of the torus.

Results: The torus structure, the 3,6,9 within the structure, the symbols of Aum, Yin Yan Reiki Power Symbol, Bagua, and Rodin’s Symbol of Enlightenment showed both BG3 and 3-6-9 subtle energy qualities. The drawing of the symbols brings forth the BG3 and 3-6-9 qualities. The symbols will then have harmonizing qualities.

GANS materials have 3-6-9 subtle energy qualities, but not BG3. However, the fields that are created from geometric patterns from vials of GANS produce fields which contain both BG3 and 3-6-9 subtle energies. These energies were shown to activate water, as evidenced by the increase of BG3 levels of the water. It was also shown that, with consciousness, the fields created by either symbols of creation or with GANS vials, could be moved to different locations. The energy in the new locations was shown to be able to activate water.

Discussion: The results have a number of key implications. The results support the concept of creation being connected to the double torus structure. Both the BG3 and 3-6-9 subtle energy qualities have harmonizing qualities, which are a precursor for healing. The results also will accelerate growth in the study of GANS since GANS can now be detected with the 3-6-9 tool, and the fields created by GANS will now be able to be measured. There is now further evidence as to consciousness/intention being able interact with matter and fields by the evidence in this presentation.

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Published on May 21, 2022