Methods to Unlock Telepathic Ability by Activating Pineal Gland and Still Cerebral Cortex

Introduction: Telepathy, an established scientific fact, is derived from two Greek words, ‘tele’ meaning “afar” and ‘pathos’ meaning “feeling”. It is the action of one mind on another at a distance and without communication by means of the senses. In Telepathy’ by William Walker Atkinson (1910), the Society for Psychical Research conducted experiments on telepathy, thought-transference and similar phenomena. These experiments have been fully reported and these reports comprise several volumes, which give the world a valuable record of psychic phenomena to science.

Methods: The pineal gland is the thought transmitter; it serves as a conduit for telepathic communication. It is a small cone-shaped gland at the back of our brain, located exactly at the top of the spinal cord, which in Hindu traditions is called the extra-sensory third ‘eye’ through which perception of the world is not limited to the physical senses. According to Lang et al. (2002), every emotion you feel, every moment of joy and fear, produces a chemical enzyme in your body. Each enzyme passes through the pineal. The pineal is the system of entry into the Divine Mind. Some thoughts and feelings become springboards; others become obstructions. Doubt is one blockage that prevents the manifestation of our desires.

Doubt creates a biochemical reaction, which activates a neuron carrier in the brain that flows from the pituitary gland to the pineal and blocks the gateway to the Divine Mind.  This becomes the forgotten information.

The Cerebral Cortex is where thinking, logic, deduction, evaluation, short term memory etc. takes place. It also controls the function of the five physical senses and extremity movement. It gathers information for the various levels of consciousness. This area constantly interferes with telepathic communication and must be stilled in order to receive instruction through the higher mind (Jasmuheen, 1995). As a result, if we quiet the cerebral cortex the third eye gets activated, where the thoughtless form creates a pathway to enter into the ‘Divine Mind’ through the pineal. Thus, we can use telepathy to connect with the higher dimensions of consciousness. It is the next step in our evolution.

Discussion: Equate your brain to a mobile device. A mobile device can receive and send signals to another device, which is far away. Likewise, a human brain can receive and transmit information to another brain. We are not able to telepathically communicate. This is because there are two major blocks, which prevents the brain from ‘Telepathic Communication’. They are,

Block 1: We are not aware our brain has telepathic ability. Because we doubt, is it possible to transfer thoughts or telepathy exists? As we have seen ‘doubt’ is one blockage which prevents the manifestation of our desires. The same happens here, the doubt that telepathy is impossible creates a biochemical reaction and activates a neuron carrier in the brain that flows from the pituitary gland to pineal and blocks the gateway to the divine mind which becomes the forgotten information.

Block 2: Our brain is engaged in various thoughts and desires. Cerebral cortex is the womb where the birth of thought forms and desires are delivered. So, one must still the cerebral cortex to activate the third eye, where the thoughtless form clears the block in the pineal and creates a pathway to enter into the divine mind. To still the cerebral cortex, we can use meditation techniques and other motivational programs to activate the third eye unlocking the ‘telepathic ability.’

During ancient times in India, people used telepathy for communicating. They say the pineal gland served as the medium of receiving and transmitting information. But, as time passed, people were slowly pulled into the whirlpool of scientific discoveries and technological development. The pineal gland has become dormant. For an individual to experience telepathic power, it takes time for a person to unlock the blocks to fully use his/her telepathic ability.

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Published on May 14, 2022