Magic and NaturewithSerena Roney-Dougal

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serena roney-dougal where science and magic meet evans-wentz the fairy faith in celtic countries paul devereux shamanism and the mystery lines paul devereux places of power club of rome the limits to growth jung flying saucers: a modern myth of things seen in the sky jacques vallee passport to magonia: from folklore to flying saucers patrick harpur daimonic reality: a field guide to the other world w y evans-wentz the fairy faith in celtic countries

Serena Roney-Dougal, PhD, received a doctoral degree the University of Surrey, in the United Kingdom, for a parapsychological dissertation. She is author of Where Science and Magic Meet and The Faery Faith: An Integration of Science and Spirit. She resides in Glastonbury, England, where she serves on the Town Council. Her website is

Here she describes magical practices dating back to neolithic times in Britain. She explains that certain sites were used for burials, initiations, and ritual activities. These were carefully coordinated with the seasons and the movement of celestial bodies. She describes her own experience inside an ancient chamber of initiation. She also discusses how people’s experience of supersensible worlds is shaped by the mythology of their culture.

(Recorded on August 15, 2020)

Published on September 18, 2020


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