Lyrysa Smith

The Sport of Remote Viewing: As Told by a Minor Leaguer

Lyrysa Smith

Remote viewing (RV) is real. We have data, evidence, studies, and transcripts that show that it works — a lot of the time. Could RV work more of the time if we could better understand how a remote viewer senses it? I’ve had beginner’s luck and major slumps. I’ll show you some hits and misses. I’m trying to get more hits and fewer misses.

It’s accepted that most remote viewers experience beginner’s luck and then settle into a batting average. My first session of RV, I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought, “What the heck? Let’s give it a try.” When Garret Moddel learned that I was a good hypnosis subject, he had a hunch. He explained RV to me in a few minutes. I got three targets, and I got three home runs. I was batting 1000.

But like baseball, RV is full of vicissitudes. My next at-bats were kinda-hits and a bunch of strikeouts. Right away, my challenge became consistency. That’s confusing and frustrating. And it is also exciting, because I’m committed. The next home run can happen the next time I’m up. But how do I prepare myself to get a hit?

I’m a former competitive swimmer. I trained for RV like an athlete. Practice more, get coached, work hard. I took RV classes, read books and papers, sought advice, and I still practice yoga and meditation. I learned several RV methods, but inconsistency remains.

I understand that even the best achievers fail. It’s part of the game. I study my own sessions to derive some inkling of what works for me. What did the hit feel like on the way to getting the target right? What did the kinda-hit or miss feel like? Are there any clues in my confidence or stress levels? I’ll share those transcripts and how they felt.

Perhaps we need a better way to decipher a hit in RV. The judging is tricky and often subjective. The best hitters in baseball average 3 out of 10. Ty Cobb holds the record with .366. If remote viewers get hits 3.5 times out of 10 attempts (and many do better than that), then mainstream science should finally agree that psi is valid. Personally, like in baseball, I believe there’s value in the base hits of RV, and the home runs.

I’m seeking to bring beginner’s luck every time I go to bat. If I’m open and willing, can I capture a beginner’s mind anytime? Maybe the fluctuations aren’t always due to my ability. Is the psychic force a steady stream or does it wane? Maybe the psychic pitcher throws curveballs?

Perhaps the magic of beginner’s luck is whimsy, unawareness, just swinging for the fences with no preconceived notions. Simply describe the first thing that pops into mind. I’m curious. I love to have the image surprise me. Sometimes it works. Like hitting a small round object coming at you at 100 mph with a wooden stick less than 3 inches wide.

Lyrysa Smith is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, having worked at ABC News, PBS, A&E, the History Channel, and others, and recently a caregiver. She is the author of A Normal Life: A Sister’s Odyssey Through Brain Injury, which tells the story of her older sister’s severe brain injury from carbon monoxide poisoning and its impact on the family. Lyrysa also writes about science, health, the environment, nature, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories. An English major at Stanford, she studied at the University of Zimbabwe while working in Southern Africa. Website and blog:

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Published on January 2, 2024