Lessons Learned From The 1970swithJoanna Harcourt-Smith

joanna harcourt-smith


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Joanna Harcourt-Smith, who was Timothy Leary’s common-law wife, is author of Tripping The Bardo With Timothy Leary. She is credited as co-author of two of Leary’s books, Neurologic and Starseed. She also hosts the “Future Primative” podcast.

Here, she reflects on her own transformation over the decades. Growing up in a privileged family, she was taught and conditioned not to feel empathy for those less fortunate. Today, however, she believes that compassion is her most important resource and that kindness is the work in which she is now engaged. The discussion also includes Jeffrey Mishlove’s thoughts regarding progress in the field of parapsychology over the past half-century.

(Recorded on September 15, 2018)

Published on September 19, 2018