Lars Muhl – The God Formula

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Originally broadcast live in 2020 this very special webinar was an immersion into the story and practices of well-loved spiritual teacher Lars Muhl.

From Lars: “For many years I studied these things together with other religious and spiritual traditions, but without really understanding the importance of practice. This I realized when I was healed by the seer and healer Calle de Montségur, who got me out of the bed on which I had been lying sick for three years – and later became his apprentice. Calle was not a reader, but a great practitioner. It was with him that all my studies, so to speak, found feet to walk on.

The webinar will, therefore, be a mixture of my Aramaic studies and experiences from many years of practice with the seer and beyond. We will also work with 3,000 year-old practices of the Essenes.”

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Published on October 15, 2022