Julius Evola on Becoming God (Self Deification)

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This video delves into the philosophical and esoteric realms of Julius Evola, focusing on the concept of ‘Deification’ or ‘Becoming God’ as a central theme in his work. Evola’s journey, marked by a quest to transcend human limitations, is explored through his engagement with magic, Tantrism, and concepts of salvation and spiritual development. The discussion also touches on the broader implications of studying controversial figures like Evola in academic discourse, emphasizing the importance of critical evaluation and open inquiry in understanding historical and philosophical contexts. The video concludes by acknowledging Evola’s contributions to introducing Tantrism, Alchemy, and Zen Buddhism to Italian audiences, and his influence on intellectuals like Mircea Eliade and Carl Gustav Jung. This episode is a part of Angela’s Symposium, supported by viewers and dedicated to sharing peer-reviewed academic knowledge on esoteric subjects.


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Hakl, H.T. (2018) ‘Deification as a Core Theme in Julius Evola’s Esoteric Works’, Correspondences: Journal for the Study of Esotericism, 6(2), pp. 145–171.

Sheehan, T. (1986) ‘Diventare Dio: Julius Evola and the Metaphysics of Fascism’, Stanford Italian Review, 6(1-2), pp. 284.


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00:00 Introduction: Julius Evola

01:15 Support Angela’s Symposium

02:19 Disclaimer

04:52 Evola’s Early Years and Art

06:47 Magical Idealism

07:39 Evola and Mithraism

08:18 Evola and Tantrism

11:15 The Hermetic Tradition and Alchemy

14:15 Buddhism and Tantrism

16:08 Summary of Evola’s Esotericism

18:37 Support Angela’s Symposium

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Published on January 7, 2024