How Real are Past Life Experiences under Hypnosis by Dr Masayuki Ohkado ParaMOOC2019

Presented by Dr Masayuki Ohkado (Chibu University, Japan)

Abstract: This presentation explores the possibility of regarding past-life experiences under hypnosis as possible recalls of real memories by reporting two studies conducted by the presenter. One is a case of a Japanese woman recalled past-life experiences as a village chief in Nepal, in which the subject was able to communicate in a language she did not know. The other is a questionnaire-based study comparing the features and aftereffects of near-death experiences and ‘death’ experiences under hypnosis.

Presenter biography: Masayuki Ohkado is a professor on Graduate School of Global Humanics at Chubu University in Japan and a Visiting Professor in the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia in the USA. He has been working on past-life experiences under hypnosis, children with prenatal (including past-life) and perinatal memories, near-death experiences, and other ‘anomalous’ experiences. He is featured in a documentary film exploring children’s prenatal memories titled “Prenatal Memories of Children” (Kumanekodo, 2016).

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Moderated by Dr Nancy L Zingrone.

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Published on May 14, 2019