How Much Light Energy Change Can Cause the Variation of Radin’s Double-Slit Fringe? | Daqing Piao

The existence and mechanism of mind-matter interaction, which is sometimes termed psychophysical effect, is fundamental to our understanding of the physicality and causality of the entirety of phenomena that are amenable to experimental investigation. Recent reports (Radin et al., 2012; 2013) on variations in the fringe visibility of the interference patterns of laser-engaged double-slit experiments, which seemed inexplicable in the absence of psychophysical influences, have elicited notable debates within the scientific community and substantial interest among the lay population. In accounting for the observed changes of fringe pattern, Radin et al. reported that the electrical field of the light passing the two slits might have reached an asymmetry of 3:1 when under the psychophysical intent in comparison to the generally symmetric baseline. However, a change to the double-slit interference fringe could have multiple causes. The objective of this research is to investigate, by computer simulations, which kinds of physical variation could have led to the changes of the double-slit interference fringe as reported by Radin et al.

We theorize that a change to the double-slit interference fringe-pattern, or equivalently the fringe visibility, that is comparable to the level reported by Radin et al., could very well be caused by a slight asymmetry of the spectral bandwidth of the light passing the slit, subject to psychophysical intent.

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Published on July 25, 2023