Honest vs Dishonest Syncretism

What differentiates honest syncretism from dishonest syncretism in spiritual traditions? How do new elements like “Ascended Masters” influence the integrity of traditional practices like Segnature? What ethical considerations should be made when integrating new beliefs into established traditions? Dr. Puca’s exploration offers an academic yet accessible analysis, ideal for those interested in religious studies, cultural anthropology, and the evolution of magical practices.

Dr. Angela Puca delves into the intricate world of syncretism within religious and esoteric practices, using her fieldwork in the Italian folk magic tradition of Segnature as a primary case study.


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00:00 Introduction: Honest vs Dishonest Syncretism

02:00 Support Angela’s Symposium

02:55 Fieldwork as Inspiration

03:38 Honest Syncretism Definition

04:37 Dishonest Syncretism Definition

05:31 The Problems Dishonest Syncretism Fosters

07:24 Dishonest Incorporation of Ascended Masters in Segnature

08:48 Syncretism is Inevitable and Enriching

10:39 Our Ongoing Responsibility

11:18 Support Angela’s Symposium

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Published on February 4, 2024