History of Ideas About The ParanormalwithTerje Simonsen

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Terje Simonsen, PhD, is the author of Our Secret Powers — Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition — A Short History of (Nearly) Everything Paranormal. He is a philosopher and historian of ideas.

Here he reflects on ideas about the paranormal going back to ancient times. Topics include shamanism, Hermeticism, idealism, naturalism, materialism, and skepticism. He notes that, while there is nearly 150 years of scientific research in parapsychology, the field is still marginalized within academia. He also discusses the responses to the paranormal within the field of theoretical physics. He focuses on the practical applications of psi, and on the personal meaning of psi abilities.

(Recorded on October 18, 2018)

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Published on October 19, 2018


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