Higher States of Consciousness Beyond Space and Time | Maria Syldona

Higher States of Consciousness Beyond Space and Time: A Comparative Perspective from Eastern Cosmologies and Western Science

Maria Syldona

As Western science explores in order to discover the truth about the universe, and everything in it, so have Eastern science traditions explored for millennia. Though formulated distantly in time from each other, each in its own way has come to some strikingly similar discoveries and theories.

One of these Eastern science traditions, Kashmir Shaivism, is of particular interest to Western science. Among the most valuable contributions to developing insights into phenomena studied by Western science is the conceptualization of universal manifestation. Within it is a potential wealth of scientific insight. It describes in detail how a totally vibrational universe manifests into apparent physicality.

This model of the manifestation of the universe sheds light on phenomena beyond space and time, such as discovered in Western research on UFO’s and REG’s. It also illustrates parallels to quantum physics concepts such as the nature of sub-atomic particles/waves. Quantum processes involved in producing large amounts of energy and new sub-atomic particles have parallels here, as well.

Yet another important concept, holography, is represented in the manifestation model. This is reflected in the notion that human beings are holograms of the universe. Inherent in both the universe and humankind is not only the involutionary action that leads to manifestation, but also (and perhaps even more importantly) an evolutionary action to promote higher states of consciousness. Although this aspect of the model is profound within itself, it, too, has implications for contemporary Western science research. For example, the concept of transformation of energy is addressed, and along with it, the notion that when a measurement is taken may mean the difference between measuring one type of energy, or a completely different kind.

The parallels demonstrated serve to illustrate the potential value of the study of Eastern science traditions in furthering the pursuits of Western science. These tenets have obvious implications for the understanding of higher states of consciousness and evolution, both universal as well as human.

Dr. Syldona’s interdisciplinary background encompasses engineering, psychology, Eastern science traditions, electrophysiology and education. Her research experience includes post graduate work at Stanford and Brown Universities and SUNY Stonybrook. She has published research findings in several areas in peer-reviewed journals.

Recorded at the 27th annual SSE Conference in 2008 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 13, 2018