Marty Rosenblatt

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Marty Rosenblatt, MS, is a computational physicist who spent his career working in the military and industrial sectors. He is the director of the Applied Precognition Project. There are now 1,200 participants. His website is

The Practical Applications of Precognition, Part Three: Psychology,withMarty Rosenblatt

Here he introduces the notion of “backwards causality” and suggests various psychological strategies for letting go of resistance and skepticism regarding the possibility of precognition. He describes the quantum mechanical concepts of “non-locality”, “entanglement”, and “zero point energy” and their possible relationship to precognition. He shares his model of “collective consciousness” that helps people in [...]

Practical Applications of Precognition, Part One: Historical Perspectives,withMarty Rosenblatt

Here he traces the origin of his work in applied precognition to the development of “remote viewing” and its use by the U.S. military intelligence establishment in the mid-1970s. He specifically points to the associative remote viewing (ARV) methodology used for financial forecasting. Several published studies have used this methodology successfully for financial forecasting. He [...]