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Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, is a neuropsychiatrist, and consciousness researcher He is and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and recipient of the Whiting Memorial Award (with Dr. Ed Close). He is author of Déjà Vu Revisited, Déjà Vu: A Second Look, Déjà Vu: Glossary and Library, and Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy. Dr Neppe has amplified many of his concepts in three of the websites linked with his work. His books are amplified on www.Brainvoyage.com; www.VernonNeppe.org is his gateway and includes more information on the Neppe-Close model of the Triadic Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) and some of the key publications are on www.pni.org. Together with Dr Edward Close, he pioneered the new discipline of what they call “Dimensional Biopsychophysics”. He is author, with physicist and mathematician, Edward Close PhD, PE, of Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works. His professional publications number over 700.

In this discussion, Dr. Neppe proposes connections between the Neppe-Close theoretical model of higher consciousness and reality and its implications for our understanding of the divine.

He regards the 9-dimensional quantized finite volumetric model of reality as necessarily embedded within the Infinite continuity. Our physical reality is simply part of that nine dimensional finite with us we sentient beings experiencing only components of the four ‘lower” dimensions.

Gimmel constitutes the previously unrecognized necessarily ubiquitous third component of reality (besides mass-energy). Gimmel allows for the integration of all levels of reality into one unified model and facilities the unification of mathematics at the finite quantal, macro-world and cosmological levels and infinite continuity into one reality.

00:00 Introduction

06:48 Infinity

09:37 Gimmel

15:45 Mathematics

18:55 Dark matter & energy

27:57 God

34:58 Time

37:26 Postmortem survival

43:20 Conclusion

Edited subtitles for this video are available in Russian, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and Spanish.

(Recorded on August 20, 2023)

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Published on September 15, 2023


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