Your V.I.P. Personal Video Conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove



We will schedule a date for you to visit our studios in Las Vegas and participate in a video conversation, yourself (or, perhaps, a person that you designate) by our program host, Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. This will be an opportunity for you to leave a legacy for your family, friends, colleagues, or students. The conversation can include matters related to your professional life, your personal history, your philosophy and your inner experiences.

You will receive a copy of your interview(s) on DVD for your own personal use. If appropriate, and by mutual agreement, we will consider releasing all or portions of the interview(s) with you to the public on the New Thinking Allowed channel. The $5,000 fee for this special offer will also include lunch or dinner with Dr. Mishlove, and personal time to discuss your goals for these recordings and the topics that will be covered during the video conversations.

Your one-day session can include up to four, studio-recorded video conversations – each approximately one half-hour in length. Post-production will bring these recordings to the quality standards of our YouTube channel.

In addition you will have exclusive access to the VIP Members Forum on this website.