Frederic Myers & Psychical ResearchwithTerence Palmer

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Terence Palmer, PhD, is author of The Science of Spirit Possession. He is a member of the Society for Psychical Research as well as the Scientific and Medical Network. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Here he focuses on the research, largely in the nineteenth century, of the Society for Psychical Research. Frederic Myers great work, Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, was published in 1903 – two years after his death. In 2003, the British Psychological Association celebrated the 100th anniversary of its publication. Among other interests, Myers focused on the question of telepathic hypnotic induction. He also developed a theoretical model in which survival after death was shown to be part of a larger of spectrum of unusual experiences. Myers appears to have continued his research into human survival after his own demise. His communications to mediums on three different continents initiated the famous “cross-correspondence” series of communications that stand among the best evidence for survival of human personality.

(Recorded on May 17, 2016)

Published on July 6, 2016


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