Fasting, Vegetarianism, and PsiwithMichael Daw

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Michael Daw began his PhD studies the University of Northampton in March 2020. His research examines the potential link between psychic functioning, spiritual experiences, and dietary practices – especially veganism and vegetarianism, but also fasting. This work is supervised by Prof Chris Roe and Dr Callum Cooper, both previous guests of NTA. He is formerly a software engineer and has worked for twenty years in support of leading scientific research from materials science to biomedicine in three of the UK’s largest universities.

Here he shares the preliminary results of his investigations. His first study involved in-depth interviews with a group of professional psychic practitioners concerning their dietary practices and how they felt their psi abilities were influenced by both vegetarianism and fasting. Their responses were surprisingly positive. He also conducted a survey, with over 1,000 participants, in which he also found that vegetarianism and fasting correlated positively with reports of subjective paranormal experiences. In additional, he has reviewed the history of similar beliefs concerning diet that can be found in spiritual traditions throughout the world.

(Recorded on August 1, 2022)

Published on August 24, 2022


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